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  • Sakura Pigma Manga Set Isi 5

    IDR 90,000.00
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    Set ini terdiri dari :
    1x Pigma Micron 005
    1x Pigma Micron 01
    1x Pigma Micron 05
    1x Pigma Micron 08
    1x Pigma Professional Brush Pen FB (Fine Brush)
    1x Gelly Roll White Ink Pen

    Outlining : Outline objects with Pigma Micron 005, 01 and 05
    Framing : Line frames with Pigma Micron 08
    Painting in Black : Paint objects or backgrounds in solid black with Pigma Brush Pen FB
    Detail : Draw details with Pigma Micron 005
    Highlighting : Draw white highlights with the white gel ballpoint pen, Gelly Roll White.

    - Tinta Kering Dengan Cepat
    - Tinta tidak tembus walapun ditulis ada kertas yang tipis
    - Archival quality ink : waterproof, chemical-proof and fade resistant

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